The butterfly photo above was taken in the SacredWaters garden this week (spotted by Alex). The butterfly is one of the most protected spirits energetically, which you may have heard me talking about before. Most of us know the butterfly as a symbol of transformation – the usual caterpillar, chrysalis, butterfly… its easy to see the message when you know the whole story. 

But there is a deep message, there, in the chrysalis. The caterpillar experiences a situation (that it got its own self into, mind you) of intense darkness, pain, and pressure – to the point that it thinks it will die. It does die, in a way. Using our garden visitor above as an example, the eastern black swallow tail spends 30% of its lifetime inside the chrysalis. This is the equivalent to 24 years of an average human’s life.  

For many of those ‘years’ it is struggling to break free from the Chrysalis, wiggling and writhing and trying to escape to a new life. It goes through IMMENSE struggle, and then, when it emerges – it has wings! I imagine it thinks something like “what in the world is all this weight on my back? Where did my legs go? I can’t even move!”  It must remain still for quite awhile, waiting for the wings to dry enough for it to fly. This period after emergence must be confusing – so glad to be free and yet finding itself in an entirely different body with abilities it does not know what to do with. 

And so, the butterfly’s energy is highly protected because nothing can take away its appreciation and joy. The lighthearted flitting about and lovely, angelic, peaceful energy is felt by everyone in their presence – and it is there because of what it has gone through, and what it has emerged from. Let me say that again – because of what it has gone through; not ‘inspite of’. This is why you see pictures of butterflies on the noses of alligators. Who else can sit on an alligator’s nose!?

When i see a caterpillar in the world, I always stop and talk to them. I let them know that they will go through a time that will be very difficult, and that it will last longer than they expect, and that it will be dark and painful. I tell them also that in the end they will be more beautiful and more amazing than they could ever imagine. I ask them to remember me and this message when they think their life is over, and that all they will need to do is just keep going. 

Thank you, butterfly, for the reminder during these times of struggle.