The intention for KarmaLeaves is simple: remind us all how connected we really are, and how each small gesture can make a big impact.

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Give someone you know – or don’t know! – some good Karma by sending them a positive message. Leave a KL card in a library book, on the subway car, in your taxi, or use it as a gift tag. The possibilities are endless – literally! Just pass along some inspiration and watch the magic happen.

If you received or found a card, enter the card’s code on the KL website and then leave a comment to help us track the card’s location and our connectivity. Then, pass along the KL card to someone new. Revisit often to see where the card has been and where it went from there.

Everyone who has touched the card has positive intentions for you! And so does everyone who has not yet touched the card. Beautiful, eh?

If you’d like to order a KL card to start a new Karma chain, and/or sponsor a KL card (which means you can pick the inspirational message and even have it made in memory of someone or for a special occasion… ), then send us a message at, or find the KarmaLeaves cards for sale in our online store (coming soon!).

Note: KarmaLeaves are similar to SoulKu’s Connections cards and were created with Soulku’s well wishes. Check out their stuff!