Barbara Nelligan

Barbara Nelligan


Barbara is happiest in her garden on a spring evening checking on the herbs and plants she lovingly grows. That’s why we feel so lucky to steal her away for a few days a week at SacredWaters – she makes the trek from her home in upstate New York! Her genuine care for all things living is such a blessing to us; even our plants are happier when she comes through the door.

Barbara’s keen intuitive sense and natural care-taking personality combine to deliver the best reflexology experience we’ve ever had. She came to alternative medicine and energy work during the course of a 30 year career as a registered nurse. Her interest in the healing arts was planted while working at a school for the deaf as a teenager and that seed later grew while she volunteered at her local hospital in the children’s ward. During her nursing years she specialized in pediatrics and wound care and on a particularly challenging case found herself researching alternative methods for providing stress relief and pain management. This blossomed into the study of nutrition, herbals, Reiki, and reflexology and is beautifully reflected in her love of combining the spiritual energy of Reiki and the more physical, grounding component of reflexology – in her words “the perfect blending of soul and body. I love what I do.”

Her soothing sessions always incorporate Reiki and focus on bringing balance to her guests. Barbara believes her work gives people the tools they need to heal themselves, but we think she has quite a lot to do with it!