Jenn Lynn

Jenn Lynn

Float Specialist, Effiji Breath


Jenn’s calling is to help others heal through unconditional love and support on their own journey.

Serving as the backbone of her practice are a natural inclination to nurture, a strong intuition as a guide and an undoubted gift of creating community.  Currently completing the Effiji Breath Facilitator Certification, Jenn was first introduced to Effiji Breath in 2011 and has continued her journey with this work through the present now as a facilitator. She attributes much of her own development and awareness to the benefits of Effiji Breath and her goal is to share it with the world.  Having grown up in Puerto Rico, allows for her to be a bridge between the current culture of Effiji and the expanse of this work growing into Central and South America. She dedicates herself to giving back and nourishing the cultures that have positively influenced so much of her own success.

Jenn’s practice currently includes group and private sessions throughout New York City and the surrounding area, Puerto Rico, and Colombia. Her classes and sessions are offered in Spanish and English.