Jennifer Cogburn

Jennifer Cogburn


Jennifer’s relationship with water began at 6 months old when her mom Debbie noticed and supported the connection by swimming with her regularly and even dropping her under to watch her come up laughing. Her happiest place is in the ocean – whether floating on top of the water, deep below its surface, or simply standing in the surf. She is a resident of LIC and loves connecting with every person she meets.

Jen spent 11 years in commodity trading before trading in her heels for barefoot walks in the woods. Her yearning to do something bigger started after 6 weeks in India. She knew what waited for her when she returned to NYC: a job in corporate America; mentalities of capitalism and urges for more possession and less austerity, more winning and less compassion; STRESS; attitudes of entitlement instead of sacrifice, earning instead of living, detachment instead of engagement, conflict instead of peace.

She didn’t want to leave India. She didn’t want to shave the hair from her legs or wash the red dirt from her feet. She didn’t want to wipe the sand from her body or rinse the salt from her hair. She didn’t want to eat sitting at a table, she wanted to eat sitting on the floor. She wanted refreshingly cold showers that made her feel alive. And that began a 4 year journey to this venture…

Jen offers past life regressions, sacred water blessings, and sound healing.