Tara Summers


Tara came to our family through a good friend of SacredWaters (thanks, Regina!) and is on an exciting journey of exploring new paths in her life. One of those paths is a focus on facilitating and supporting humans (starting with herself) in finding their way to peace and self-love. Due to her belief in a mind, body, and soul connection, she left a rewarding career as a cardiology nurse to focus on the preventative aspect of health as opposed to helping people heal after they were already sick. Armed with an inner knowing that the physical dis-eases we experience are somehow linked to the emotional and spiritual aspects of our lives, she began looking for ways to help people heal on an emotional/spiritual level and believes that these modalities also support physical health in a direct and important way.

Certified as an Urban Zen Integrative Therapist, her passion is implementing healing modalities that calm the nervous system, ease pain, and reduce suffering. Her medical background and innate desire to care for people combine with her holistic worldview, allowing people to participate in their wellness even in the midst of their illness.

Tara’s bliss – being the mama of three beautiful souls, painting (with red wine in hand), college football Saturdays.