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Free Community Meditation

Join us for a complimentary 20-minute guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening the connection to ourselves and others. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

Registration not required
Upcoming Dates: every Thursday at 6:45 PM

Sacred Honey Blessing Ceremony: The Way of The Ancient Honey Bee

In this sacred healing space, we will call on the spirit of the ancient honey bee to bless our lives with the medicine of sweetness and passion. Sacred honey is a medicine that when used in an activated way, with the acknowledgment of its divinity and with the acknowledgment of its healing powers, brings huge blessings to our lives.

In this ceremony, we ask the spirit of the honey bee to connect us with the beauty and excitement of life, in essence, an invocation of the joy of life. In this sacred space that is created, we open the doors to the spirit realm and we ask for the healing and the energetic shift that is in highest alignment with our spirit. We call on the energies of the sacred traditions and our ancestors to work with us in a way that will bring us clarity.

We will also work with the medicine of cedar, an herb from the North Americas which is used as a vessel of direct connection to the creator. When we pray with cedar it is believed that our prayers are heard in a very direct way, and is a powerful creation and manifestation tool. Each participant will receive a cedar blessing if they so choose, and the chance to pray with cedar in a safe space held by Jenna who has been cultivating a deep bond with this medicine that she has been trained to carry.

This ceremony is facilitated by Jenna Weiller who has been initiated into the sacred traditions by wisdom keeper Pedro De Las Rosas from Venezuela. The sacred honey and cedar are medicines that have been passed to her by him in ritual and is something that she has been serving and providing in his ceremonies as well as hosting her own ceremonies and private sessions. Jenna has been in intensive and dedicated training in these traditions for 4 years and feels that she has found her true calling in life, to work with the spirit in this way and share these medicines to bring beauty to the world.

Energy Investment is $60.

Upcoming Dates: Friday, February 22nd, 7:30-10:30 PM

The Healing Hour

Join us for an hour of Ah & Om…

Back by popular demand! Be welcomed by a feminine force that combines meditation, sound therapy, and Reiki, providing 60-minutes of sacredness for your soul. Say yes to the opportunity to slow down, connect with yourself and to the divine voice that is often neglected in the midst of day-to-day responsibilities.

Meditation eases symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and so much more. Reiki and sound therapy support you on your journey and can help you expand fully into your most authentic self.

Jaqui is a compassionate and charismatic healer that creates a comfortable platform for her clients to break barriers of limitation through her powerful offerings of guided meditations, empowerment workshops, Reiki, and Sound Therapy. She teaches workshops in NYC and provides intuitive guidance giving her clients an unforgettable journey back into the self through her rooted ancestry and connection with Mother Earth.

Energy Exchange: $15 Pre-registration, $20 at the door

Upcoming Dates: Tuesday, February 26th, 7:00 PM