SacredWaters Community Events – See below for detailed descriptions and registration links.

Free Community Meditation

Join us for a complimentary 20-minute guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening the connection to ourselves and others. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

Upcoming Dates: every Thursday at 6:45 PM

Colibrí Sound Bath

Let the Magic and integrity of the Colibrí Community take you on a deep Shamanic Sound Healing Journey. Allow the sounds of the Jungle, crystal bowls, gongs, mantras, Ikaros and Native sacred songs help you reconnect with your true nature. The science of sound healing is designed to harmonize the body, mind and spirit.

Colibrí Community is dedicated to the preservation and practice of Sacred Art Traditions from Native lineages around the world. Our mission is to share this cultural vision to transform the expansion of human consciousness. With respect for the ancient ways of our ancestors, we humble ourselves and walk in the lifelong process of learning to reconnect in honorable and respectful devotion to Great Spirit.

Welcoming at 7:30; door closes and sound healing begins promptly at 8:00. Participants may bring yoga mats or blankets.

$27 Energy Exchange. Space is limited; call 718.752.1414 or stop by SacredWaters in person to RSVP. Give what you can. Receive what you need. Be good family, always…in all ways.

With Respect & Love

Upcoming Dates: Monday, February 19th, 7:30-9 PM

A Full Moon Affair

Please note the changing start time that moves with the sunset…

This event is intended to be held in an outdoor covered gazebo – please dress with that in mind. We may also choose to stay inside.

Ancient cultures measured time by the moon cycle and many have traditionally honored the moon through parties, gatherings, and prayer. The literal mirror of the moon as a reflection of the sun’s light symbolizes the way in which we view ourselves. Just as we cannot look at the bright sun directly, we are also unable to look directly at ourselves: we require a mirror to truly see. The mirror of the moon is two-fold – it illuminates the darkness of the night (shadows) and also serves as a reflection (that we are able to view) of the things we cannot see directly.

Join us in our outdoor (covered) meditation garden to celebrate these relationships and symbols in a casual and social setting – holding space for the moon’s influence and serving as mirrors for one another. The ceremony includes a short astrological discussion, 10 minute full moon meditation, invitation to share with each other, and a sacred sound offering.

The event is donation-based (and donations come in many forms) but space is limited. If you plan to attend, please RSVP or stop by SacredWaters in person/call 718.752.1414 in order to ensure a seat! We look forward to connecting again; see you soon.

Upcoming Dates: Thursday, March 1st, 7:30 PM

Waking the Wild Woman Circle

Quarterly gathering for men and women to discuss and support positive conversation regarding the divine feminine. Myths, stories, meditations, connection, and community. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

We attended a Waking the Wild Woman retreat in 2015 with Sarah Durham Wilson of DOITGIRL and Shakti Sunfire and felt inspired to broaden the work.

Upcoming Dates: Our circle meets approximately four times per year. Let us know soon if you feel called to participate.