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Free Community Meditation

Join us for a complimentary 20-minute guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening the connection to ourselves and others. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

Registration not required
Upcoming Dates: every Wednesday at 6:45 PM

Effiji Breathwork

Effiji Breath Work is a therapeutic process that is meant to be
used as a tool to access parts of oneself that aren’t apparent or
easy to get to on the surface. It is an avenue to access the
inner playground and feel into the deepest, most soulful and
dynamic fibers of our being. Come and experience a way to
tangibly feel your energy, discover blocks and patterns that
lie in the body, and all the inner workings that need attention.
Breath helps us to release the negative symptoms, restore
proper alignment, and find the proper flow for living the most
full and purposeful life.

Ready for you own experience of self-evolution?

Register today for our next Effiji Breath Class.

*Please bring: yoga mat, blanket and pillow for comfort, water, and your heart of course!*

Energy Exchange – $35

Monday, Sept 9th, 7 pm

Register online to reserve your spot.


Crystal Workshop with Golden Willow Healing

You’ve got your favorite crystals … now what?! This event is perfect for folks who attended the previous SacredWaters crystal workshop or for those who are interested diving deeper into the world of healing stones. Everyone will get the opportunity to experience meditations that are specific to common stones as well as the opportunity to work on a crystal grid. There will be plenty of time for questions and a lot of information so be sure to bring a notebook!
This workshop is perfect for crystal lovers of all levels and will cover topics such as stone specific meditations and crystal grids.

Energy Exchange: $30
Upcoming Dates: Tuesday, September 17, 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm

The Healing Hour

Join us for an hour of Ah & Om…

Back by popular demand! Be welcomed by a feminine force that combines meditation, sound therapy, and Reiki, providing 60-minutes of sacredness for your soul. Say yes to the opportunity to slow down, connect with yourself and to the divine voice that is often neglected in the midst of day-to-day responsibilities.

Meditation eases symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and so much more. Reiki and sound therapy support you on your journey and can help you expand fully into your most authentic self.

Jaqui is a compassionate and charismatic healer who creates a comfortable platform for her clients to break barriers of limitation through her powerful offerings of guided meditations, empowerment workshops, Reiki, and Sound Therapy. She teaches workshops in NYC and provides intuitive guidance giving her clients an unforgettable journey back into the self through her rooted ancestry and connection with Mother Earth.

Energy Exchange: $15 Pre-registration, $20 at the door

Upcoming Dates: Wednesday, Sept 18, 7:00 pm-8:00 pm

5NP Ear Acupuncture Healing

The 5 Needle Protocol  consists of 5 points needled in each ear. The ears are innervated by the vagus nerve, which means that stimulating points in the ear engages the body’s rest-and-digest and social engagement systems, both of which are crucial in shifting out of trauma and chronic stress responses including fight, flight, freeze, appease, and/or dissociate.Come and receive the benefits of this therapy in a collective environment.

The fees to participate in this activity is $25-$45 sliding scale. All the money gathered at this healing venue will help underserved communities in Puerto Rico to be recipients of this 5NP ear acupuncture protocol.

Energy Exchange: $25-45 Sliding Scale

Upcoming Dates: Tuesday, Sept 24, 7pm

Register online

Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is ancient Mayan heart medicine that helps remove the barriers of our heart ways to feel, connect with yourself and others and experience deeper. She is known as the Mother medicine, where she energetically holds us in a safe space to release what no longer serves us so we can ascend to a higher version of ourselves. She has Theobromine which elevates our energy as well as it has high levels of Magnesium which helps us get out of our minds and into our hearts.

Graciela Fairy Hawk’s mission is to help others manifest their soul’s purpose through connecting them back to their true essence of love with ancient modalities,technologies and medicines. She is a reiki Master, a cacao ceremonialist, Intuitive masseuse, intuitive tribal face painter, event planer, organizer, essential oil enthusiast and does chakra alignment pendulum readings.
She vows to serve her community so we can all rise together.

Energy Exchange:  $44

Friday, Sept 27th, 7pm

Register here

Crystal Readings with Golden Willow Healing

SacredWaters invites you to enjoy a Crystal Reading with Laura Lukos of Golden Willow Healing.

In this mini reading, we will examine why you are drawn to specific stones. The reading will start with a short meditation followed by the opportunity to select crystals. The stones you select, and the order in which you select them, provide guidance. The mini reading will end with personalized crystal recommendations.

Readings are private and 20 minutes each.

Slots are limited, call (718) 752-1414 to schedule your appointment.


Energy Exchange: $25
Upcoming Dates: Saturday, September 28, 12:00 pm – 3:00 pm



Love Your Curvas

About 80% of women feel dissatisfied with their bodies, regardless of their size. Feelings of shame and guilt leave them silent. Negative self talk has become a norm in most social circles, creating unconscious and disempowering conversations. Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies. How can we be compassionate towards others but not ourselves?

After years of weight fluctuation; failed diet attempts; extreme body transformations; and body shaming, Jaquí finally learned the key missing component in wellness: Our ability to establish a relationship + connection between our body, mind and spirit. Jaquí now shares her personal struggles, extensive personal development training, and 10 years of experience in the fitness industry to help women heal from the inside-out. Teaching women to make peace, not war with themselves. 

Whether you are looking to discover more about yourself, have a habit you really want to change, or are just curious about what this may open up for you, join us.Through self inquiry, guided meditations and journaling, we will discover ways to empower and connect to ourselves, minimize the internal cycles of negative self-talk, the underlying conversations that are creating self sabotage, and gain tools to set yourself up for success.

Energy Exchange: $40 in advance, $50 at the door

Tuesday, Oct 1st, 7pm


SacredWaters presents an exhibition of works by Domingo Carrasco. Stop by and enjoy the artwork of this local Queens artist. All pieces are for sale. Show runs through September 2019.