SacredWaters Community Events – See below for detailed descriptions and registration links.

Free Community Meditation

Join us for a complimentary 20 minute guided meditation to reduce stress and anxiety while strengthening the connection to ourselves and others. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

Upcoming Dates: every Thursday 8:30 AM & 6:45 PM

A Full Moon Affair

Please note the changing start time that moves with the sunset…

Ancient cultures measured time by the moon cycle and many have traditionally honored the moon through parties, gatherings, and prayer. The literal mirror of the moon as a reflection of the sun’s light symbolizes the way in which we view ourselves. Just as we cannot look at the bright sun directly, we are also unable to look directly at ourselves: we require a mirror to truly see. The mirror of the moon is two-fold – it illuminates the darkness of the night (shadows) and also serves as a reflection (that we are able to view) of the things we cannot see directly.

Join us in our outdoor (covered) meditation garden to celebrate these relationships and symbols in a casual and social setting – holding space for the moon’s influence and serving as mirrors for one another. The ceremony includes a short astrological discussion, 10 minute full moon meditation, invitation to share with each other, and a sacred sound offering.

The event is donation-based but please RSVP if you plan to attend in order to ensure a seat! We look forward to connecting again; see you soon.

Upcoming Dates: Tuesday, September 5th, 8:30 PM

Sacred Sound Journey

We invite you to join us for a Sacred Sound Journey where mainly gongs, but also crystal singing bowls, tuning forks and other overtone emitting instruments will be used to help reduce stress, achieve different states of consciousness and create a deeper sense of peace and well-being for better health.

Sound frequencies effect us on a cellular level and influence how we feel and function – basically a sound-massage for the body and mind. Every cell and fiber of your body will be vibrationally stimulated, restored to their highest potential functioning and your whole energy field will be reset.

You will be led through a guided meditation and sound healing practice to induce a change in brain state, called entrainment, which will bring you from Beta waves into Alpha brainwaves (8-12hz – waves for dreaming, imagination and associate thinking) and then Theta waves (4-7hz – brainwaves in REM sleep and deep meditation).
Theta waves are a good state of consciousness to be in for healing to occur.

Come and let the sound take over.
Please arrive around 10 minutes early and bring a yoga mat if possible and wear comfortable clothes.

Upcoming Dates: September TBD, 8:30 PM


Connecting with Others: A workshop for People (Full day - $150)

Our deepest human need is to express our truest self and have it received by others. Such expression requires that we know who we are and what we want. This workshop is facilitated by Larry Thompson (based on the work of Virginia Satir) and explores how deepening our relationship to ourselves deepens our intimacy and communication with others.

Larry has been studying and facilitating communication in families and systems for over twenty years. He brings to every encounter his faith in the positive intention of every human being and believes that honoring who we are now is a prerequisite to evolving our own unique style of creative expression.

Upcoming Dates: TBD

Waking the Wild Woman Circle

Quarterly gathering for men and women to discuss and support positive conversation regarding the divine feminine. Myths, stories, meditations, connection, and community. Karma offerings are our way of giving back to the LIC community and connecting our patrons to each other and to us as individuals on a deeper level.

We attended a Waking the Wild Woman retreat in 2015 with Sarah Durham Wilson of DOITGIRL and Shakti Sunfire and felt inspired to broaden the work.

Upcoming Dates: Our first circle meets monthly. Let us know soon if you feel called to participate.