Today was the first day of a journey I’m taking this week ~ floating first thing every morning, and sharing my observations and experiences with you, the SacredWaters family.

I’ve never been much of a morning person, even when I was getting up every day at 5am to chant and meditate. I’m always grateful for the times when I jump out of bed excited for the day, and today was just such a miracle. It was easier to enter the world knowing that I would be floating before starting the rest of my day.

I’ve been feeling slightly more clumsy than usual lately, which is often a sign that I’m rushing or paying less attention to my surroundings than I’d like to. In general, I find that floating even once helps me to slow down and be more attuned: to myself, to my body, to the stimuli around me, to the subtle cues and information that I miss when I’m trapped in my own agenda. It’s easier to be in flow after floating in SacredWaters for an hour.

This morning, I came in early and set up the room for myself, knowing that Eleni and Tara would be there to welcome me back at the end of my float and the start of the day. The quietude was with me before I even got into the spa, and I noticed, even as I bumped into things and shuffled around, that I felt calm and at ease ~ a reminder to me that floating is more than just the time spent in the water. It’s a frame of mind, a way of interacting with the world.

I showered and got into the float to the familiar sounds of birds and soft flute. I felt the urge to be still immediately; some days I like to stretch and play in the water before I “go in,” but today I was ready from the get-go. Lights were off within seconds, and the music was quick to follow. I began focusing on my breath in an easeful way, and I was content to watch my mind as it tried to find a thought or feeling to latch onto. All my mental activity felt too slippery to hold onto, and soon enough, I found myself sinking into the present moment, thoughts be what they may. It was a warm float, and I felt safe and cared for in the darkness.

Before I knew it, I was aware of the gentle rhythm of drums, and as I came out and turned on the lights, I felt a double-whammy of that happy-morning-wake-up feeling ~ I was equally excited to greet the day a second time. I’m always amazed ~ somehow, still! ~ at the change in perception that I feel after a float. Colors and textures seem to buzz, and sounds are both more acute and less jarring afterwards. As I went out into the garden and observed the sunlight, the breeze moving across my skin, the plants waking up from the long winter, an easy sense of accepting what is and moving with the moment was with me.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring? ​