Home ~ that’s what it felt like stepping into the float this morning. I was grateful for the ritual of this week, and I realized that in a way, I had been missing the float since yesterday morning. As I sat down and leaned back, I smiled and felt playfulness bubbling up inside ~ How neat! I get to bob up and down in a salty little sea… 


The custom float room at SacredWaters is just big enough that I can stretch out head-to-toe with my arms raised straight above me, and I started off this morning’s float with this feeling of ever-expanding extension, like I could stretch out forever into infinity. After a time, I softened my arms and legs and let myself return to feeling centered and still ~ no more reaching, just being. I felt different joints in my body releasing with an inaudibly soft pop, like my shoulders and ankles and vertebrae were all carbonated bottles being opened one by one. I found myself enjoying each breath, and each breath relaxed my body more and more as I marveled at this forgiving attendant that carries me everywhere. Thank you, Body. 

During the middle of the float, the feeling of home deepened, and I felt the sense of being in the float forever, like I had always been there and would always be there. I was also aware that this feeling is true ~ the experience of inner connection is where I truly live, where we all truly live. I knew in that moment that I have all I need with me at all times, and the revelation felt like a welcome surprise ~ so simple, so hard to remember on so many days. So true.