A Colorado Women's Retreat presented by SacredWaters and BuckTree Ranch
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uncover the true, hidden nature of the sacred number 13
discover the wisdom of the moon
reconnect with your feminine energy + divine potential
unlock your power + create space for new possibilities


This one night of magic under the influence of the Super Full Moon just before the fall equinox and falling on an auspiciously powerful numerological sign is offered in the beautiful nature of the Colorado foothills. The guided program is designed to renew the spirit and reveal your authentic nature with the support of other women and the power of community.
Our full moon getaway includes connection, mystery, guided meditations, ritual movement, discussion, enhanced dreaming, and more.
Connect with your divine feminine and gain a deeper understanding of your power as WOMAN.


We will be gathering in the evening on 9.13.19 and finishing with a shared breakfast in the early morning on 9.14.19

Location details will be emailed after registration and is a short distance outside of Denver on 20 wooded acres. If you need or can offer transportation from DIA, let us know and we will help to coordinate

Camping spots are available but most of the night will be spent around a campfire. There will be some dreaming time for us to sleep. If you’d like to stay and sleep a few hours in the morning, this is recommended. Tents and bedding are available for rent for a small additional fee ($36/person/night).

Bring: layers, non-toxic bug spray, journal, food to share, instruments, sacred items, crystals and stones you’d like to charge under the moon

The following night, we are offering a co-ed WildWoodlands retreat. If you are staying for both nights, we
recommend bringing or renting a tent and bedding. More information on that retreat can be found here.

Retreat Fee:  $133

Optional Camping add-on: $36

Custom Mala add-on: $130
Based on your intention, we can create a beautiful custom mala specific for your energy, sign, and prayer. We will arrange to design it with you using high quality stones and will have it prepared for your arrival. All of our malas are charged in ceremony under the full moon, and this one will be with you during the night to anchor your prayer and receive the moon’s blessings. The energy will be carried with you as you move forward¬† in life.

Transportation is not included. Food will be lovingly prepared but please bring an item to share.