Kesi Augustine wrote this prayer for the return of “sweet waters” for every child that has been separated from a parents’ love, but especially for those who have fallen victim to ICE. This poem is inspired by Oshun, the books of Psalms, and all the meditation for loving kindness.

dear children.
I sat down to write
you this poem and failed.  
there are no words
to describe your grief, 
no meter or iambs
to hold your hands.

I asked the sky to part,
told the wind
to blow away our fears, 
and then I summoned 
a river for you.

follow me to its edge
and rest your toes 
on a carpet of moss,
as I offer you this prayer:

that she may cradle you 
in a pool of unconditional love
sweet and steady
like every mother's wish for you.

that you give ear 
to the tenors
of its cascading waterfalls
as they bend to buffer your cries
and the sunbeams
christen your crown.

that you may know peace.
and trust, dear ones.
that when the trumpets
of conscience have blown,
the sweet waters will return 
from the wells of the world.

your perpetrators will perish.
we will forgive them only 
for being  a species
destined to return to dust.

be still, children, and preserve
the purity of your hearts
for sweet waters can split 
even a block of ice. selah.
By Kesi Augustine