At SacredWaters, we welcome you to come in exactly as you are: come in sad, come in happy, come in to share your dreams, come in to unload your sorrow. There’s always going to be someone here to allow those things to be, to support, and to listen. We don’t have the pretention of a spa. It’s not a wellness center in a clinical sense. What we do is we help nurture you. We help you do whatever you need to do to feel whole again, to go back out into your world and feel a little stronger, a little more protected, like someone shored you up.

It’s like going back to your hometown – even if you feel like something went wrong, you can find your childhood best friend and say, “Let’s go out for a drink,” or “Come to the living room, we’re going to watch a movie.” SacredWaters has that feeling. Everything we do, all of the services we offer, are there to make people feel as comfortable and supported as they would in their best friend’s company.

We have great examples in our community of people who have found a family with us. Honestly, it’s true. And that’s the way we feel, too. When people come in and allow themselves to notice what’s happening here, they feel a sense of community and acceptance. That’s why we have repeat business – it’s not because we sell the least expensive oil. It’s not that we have a sale going on. It’s that everything we offer and everything we do is Soul-satisfying – it feeds the Soul, like beauty does.

When you walk through our door, the focus isn’t on buying something; you can simply walk around and absorb the feel of the place. The love of the place. Words are sometimes overused, but you can feel the energy of the place. It’s a feeling of family.

We say to you, “come in without your make up, come in without your expectations. Just come in with you.”

~Barbara Nelligan, Reflexologist