6 Weeks to Wellness Starter Pack




Jumpstart your road to wellness with a tailored plan from SacredWaters. Begin with a goal setting session with one of our wellness facilitators and end with momentum, support, and guidance for your new path to wellness.

The Starter Pack includes:
1 x float per week for 6 weeks
2 x 40 minute facilitated wellness sessions
Take home recordings of guided meditations, tailored to fit your goals

The wellness program begins from the date of your first wellness session and continues for 6 weeks. This wellness package expires March 1st (all programs must begin prior to March 1, but may continue after if they have already begun). In order to benefit from consistent and structured progress, floats cannot be rolled over week to week. Additional wellness sessions and/or alternative therapies are available for an additional fee. The second wellness session is offered either in week 4 or at the end of the 6 weeks at your option.  All appointments are subject to schedule availability.


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