The Healing Hour

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Join us for an hour of Ah & Om…

Back by popular demand! Be welcomed by a feminine force that combines meditation, sound therapy, and Reiki, providing 60-minutes of sacredness for your soul. Say yes to the opportunity to slow down, connect with yourself and to the divine voice that is often neglected in the midst of day-to-day responsibilities.

Meditation eases symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress, and so much more. Reiki and sound therapy support you on your journey and can help you expand fully into your most authentic self.



Creation springs from the darkness of Winter. It is the time of the year where we go inside – literally and figuratively – accessing the stillness and silence of the dreaming time in our hemisphere. It is the place of the beginning of inspiration, where the seeds begin to grow unseen, where the light of our internal joy is accessed and protected deep within.
Join us for a meditative painting session where you’ll be guided to connect with the creative flow that comes from the element of water (the element of winter) and held in an energetic space safe enough to allow your emotions, dreams, and desires to emerge on the canvas.  Use of acrylic paints, brushes, and one 12x12 canvas included. Additional canvases and larger sizes available for purchase at the time of event.
Facilitated by Jennifer Cogburn, the resident Muse of SacredWaters. Jen likes to say that each human being is born as a flower waiting to blossom and it is her intention to create fertile ground for the growth and sustenance of the wild and unique flowers that cross her path. She offers past life regressions, Sacred Water Blessings, meditations, and sound healing sessions. In all her ways, she shares the wisdom of water – keeping sacred the Mystery and beauty of emotions. She hopes to inspire others to take risks on their own behalf and to see themselves as they truly are. She is currently studying the work of Virginia Satir as a student of Larry Thompson and is an ambassador of The Organic System.
Doors open 6:30 pm, meditation begins at 7:00
Registration required by 1/31 + non-refundable after 1/31


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