New Moon Prayer Water


Harvested in a private and pristine location upstate, this Italian spring water has never been contained in plastic. We place this naturally luxurious water in a beautiful bowl that sits outside overnight to absorb the energy of the moon – both from the moon beams shining down and the specific atmospheric pressure created by the planetary alignments. Given our intention to capture these energies, water is a natural sponge for all the moon has to offer – as evidenced by its effect on the tides, among other ancient wisdom. This process happens on a base made by a very large tree stump that holds the water with the energy of mother earth herself, the roots running deep into the ground. During the time of the new moon, the moon and sun come together in the sky. Traveling as partners, the moon is hidden from sight at our vantage point on earth, tantrically aligned with the motivational energies of fire. It is the beginning of the moon cycle, which contains the mystery of creation. Many people use the new moon to set new intentions and plant seeds for what they are hoping to grow.

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Suggested Use: This water is safe for drinking, but is best if consumed within 1 month of purchase. For use after this time frame, it is best to use your intuition, or ask the water how it is meant to be used. Some options we enjoy are to place it into a ritual bath, on an altar with a prayer and allowed to evaporate, self-blessing by using your hands to place it on your heart, third eye, throat, womb, etc. It is our practice to always begin with appreciation and gladly share this tradition with you, if you’d like to carry it on.

For more information on this product and tips on how to work spiritually with water, you can purchase a helpful video guide in our online shop at www.sacredwaterslic.com/shop

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