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Rarity Score: 2 out of 7

This very special water is the essence of pure Mother Nature. Collected from a private and untouched wild woodland by the land owners, who have taken care of this wild forest for generations without using any treatments or other harmful activities on the land. The stream where this water is collected, with permission from the stream, flows all year long with green plants growing from its waters even in the depths of winters when you can see watercress peeping out from the snowbanks.


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Suggested Use: Most importantly, use your intuition to decide how to use this water in your life. Some options that we enjoy include using your fingertips to bless yourself (on the third eye, throat, areas in need of healing, the heart, or anywhere you feel called; note this water is not meant for drinking); placing some in a small dish on your altar, offering a prayer to the water, and then letting it evaporate; or adding the water to a ritual bath. It is our practice to always begin with appreciation and we gladly share this tradition with you, if you’d like to carry it on.

For more information on this product and tips on how to work spiritually with water, you can purchase a helpful video guide in our online shop at www.sacredwaterslic.com/shop

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