Tantra Workshop for Couples

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Conscious Love Making For Lovers and Friends: A (Fully Clothed) Journey Through the Senses
February 5th, 2020
6:30-9:30 pm
$250 / couple – please let us know if you would like to come and finances are a concern
Valentine’s Day approaches, and many of us are longing to share more than just chocolates and roses with our loves. On Wednesday, February 5th, we invite you to join us as we embark upon a heart-opening journey through the senses to deepen intimacy and expand pleasure.
Certified somatic sex educators Diane Ghogomu and Gavin Kendrick will guide a three-hour sensorial exploration of what it truly means to make love. This fully-clothed workshop is open to seven couples at SacredWaters Healing Center.
Most of us have learned about sex in a way that focuses on goals: arousal builds to erection, orgasm, and completion, and pleasure is generated from tension in the body – contracted muscles, shallow breathing, and intense stimulation. For many people, this short and sharp excitement leads to routine and unfulfilling sex in a remarkably brief process. This is usually experienced as a falling away of desire for your partner, but did you know there is a simple predictable biochemical basis for this reaction? And did you know that this process can be reversed in ways that turn everything you know about sex upside down?
Together we will create an evening of inspiration and liberation, discovering lovemaking practices that will shift the focus of sex from erections and orgasms to slowing everything down, entering states of deep relaxation and savoring each delicious moment. Our bodies can unlearn existing habits of passion and experience new dimensions of pleasure that lead to deeper intimacy and renewed playfulness in relating.  The evening will begin with a heart-opening cacao ceremony and will include sharing, teachings, and a number of gentle practices to explore at home. A warm and compassionate space will be held to support our journey together. All explorations will be fully clothed.
Whether you’ve been married for 78 years, are still in the hot honeymoon phase, or are just friendly and flirting, this three-hour workshop is a beautiful opportunity to create something magical and meaningful with your partner.
This workshop is open to all loving configurations of all genders and orientations. ❤️


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