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Direct Routes to Pleasure: Celebrating the Wisdom of the Body

February 4th, 2020

6:30-9:30 pm
$150/person – Discounted pricing of $99 available for a limited time
“We are the prayer and the one who answers!”
As Valentine’s Day approaches we may be reminded of the ways that our worth is connected to external notions of value, dependent on whether or not we have found “the one” to share it with. We’ve often been fed the idea that we must defer to doctors to know when we are sick, to teachers to tell us when we are intelligent, and lovers to show us how valuable we are and how to reach ecstasy.
During this three hour workshop at SacredWaters, we seek to return to the profound understanding that the first person who can provide us with the wisdom of our most pleasurable existence is ourselves.  The most important connection that we can make for our own spiritual ascension is to our own body, mind, and spirit.
Certified Somatic Sex Educators Diane Ghogomu and Gavin Kendrick will guide a three-hour workshop open to fifteen people where we will explore:
  • How to use cacao to open the heart and enhance sensation in the body
  • Approaches to experiencing more choice in pleasure and intimacy
  • Methods of drawing upon the wisdom of the body in every situation
  • Possibilities of mapping our most enthusiastic “yes” as a gateway to our most empowered receiving and giving
  • Practices of heart-pleasuring with self-touch and self-massage
We will begin the encounter with a cacao ceremony to facilitate an open-hearted sharing and then continue by creating rituals to strengthen our practices of self-care and intimacy through breath, movement, meditation, massage, and games of empowered touch. All explorations will be fully clothed and held within a supportive and compassionate community.
Let’s develop our most profound pleasure in every moment of our lives as we tap into our infinite capacity to radically love and accept ourselves.
This workshop is enthusiastically open to all genders and orientations 💟


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