Welcome to Float Club 2.0!

A Monthly Membership for anyone who wants to float regularly without purchasing an up-front package.
Plus, you can save more than 25% off your floats.

How It Works

Kick-start your self-care routine into overdrive and enjoy the long-term, cumulative benefits of floating regularly for $99. 

– $99 includes first float per month, unlimited additional floats for $79
– Minimum 3-month commitment; cancel anytime with 1-month notice by email


Additional Benefits:

Float Club Members are able to buy gift floats for others at $89. When our float club is full, members will also gain access to special classes, like astral projection study and floating for memorization, as well as perks like longer sessions and overnight floats.

If you’re looking for a little more flexibility with scheduling and/or a slightly lower rate, we have 10-Float packages available for $79 per float, packages of 6 for $89 per float, and packages of 3 for $99 per float which never expire and can be shared with others. We recommend the 3-pack for first time clients who love their first session. It usually takes 3 floats to fully understand how you respond to the sessions.