Sacred Journey Sensory Deprivation (Floating)

90 min – $125
Packages: 3/6/10 floats for $300/$540/$800
($100/$90/$80 per float)

Float Club – for a limited time starting at $90
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“SPA” is the acronym for the latin “Salus Per Aquas”, which means “health through water”. Immerse yourself in the luxuriously calming, warm salt waters of our floatation spa. The experience supports both your physical and metaphysical bodies by drawing out toxins, increasing natural blood flow and relaxation, inducing meditative brain states and holding a peaceful and calming space to get away from it all.

Melt away your stress with the support of mother ocean and find the quiet inner voice we tend to lose so easily in our everyday lives. Your hair, skin, and heart will love you for it! Enjoy unlimited relaxation time and herbal tea after your service in our meditation garden or introspective waiting area.


45 min – $85
60 min – $125 (recommended)

Receive Barbara’s gentle but authoritative touch that stimulates and balances your entire system through pressure on specific reflex points on your feet. These points directly correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body (emotional and physical). Proper stimulation can bring the body into a state of balance and help alleviate many health problems in a natural, non-invasive way. Our treatment incorporates Reiki and works in conjunction with your own energy and central nervous system to support the entire body. This grounding and soothing practice may date back to as early as 2330 BC in ancient Egypt and similar practices were found in India and China.

Ancient Echoes Past Life Regression

60 min – $150

A journey into yourself, this treatment begins with a deeply relaxing guided meditation followed by entrance into a much deeper state of consciousness where you are assisted in accessing past life or early childhood memories. Sessions are tailored to suit your goals at the time and can also address illness, anxiety, or fears and phobias with or without a past life experience. You are in charge of what memories you see, experience, and integrate.

MyShiny Session

60 min – $125

In this sound and energy healing session, powerful Fibonacci Tuning forks, Crystal Singing Bowls, Reiki and the Gong are combined to leave you renewed and floating in the Ether.

Fibonacci Tuning Forks and Crystal Singing Bowls are used to alter the state of mind and clear the energy field. This helps you be more open to Reiki, a Japanese hands-on energy channeling method to help restore physical and emotional well-being. Finally, the Gong is an ancient healing instrument that vibrates every cell of your being. These vibrations are energetic nutrients for the human nervous system which is how sound-based tools empower health, learning and productivity while reducing stress, stimulating the glandular system and breaking up emotional blockages. Guests typically experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the Sacred Sound of the Gong clears blockages and restores the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. Guests have also described out of body experiences or seeing beautiful colors behind their eyes, along with symbols, images, and other-worldly impressions. Like many other offerings at SacredWaters, the Shiny Session can induce spontaneous meditative states and provides access to parts of the mind that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness and higher consciousness.

A Touch of Health

60 min – $150

Larry’s unique and deeply connected sessions explore our deepest human needs through discussion and other modalities. Transformative exploration of your truest self facilitates your intimacy, communication and relationships with others.

Larry has been studying and facilitating communication in families and systems for over twenty years. He brings to each encounter his faith in the positive intention of every human being and his belief in honoring who we are now as a prerequisite to evolving our own unique style of creative expression.

Mehndi or Tribal Body Art

$30 / 10 – 15 min
$60 / 20 – 30 min
$90 / 35 – 45 min
$120 / 50 – 75 min

Body art is a highly charged and extremely potent medium of self expression, bringing ancient beauty to all bodies. Whether through the traditional henna plant or a more modern and less time consuming non-toxic body paint, the ritual, reverence, symbolism and prayer of our sessions help to create a supportive and spiritual experience. And, its a whole bunch of fun – of course!


60 min – $125

In this energy balancing treatment, our practitioners open themselves as a conduit for universal life force energy to be directed to your physical and emotional body through their hands and spirits. While you remain fully clothed and relaxed, we massage your energy field on a cellular level to clear blockages, support the health of your internal life force and regulate the flow of energy through the body. You’ll finish feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world.