Past Life Regression (currently a remote session)

60 min – $150

A journey into yourself, this treatment begins with a deeply relaxing guided meditation followed by entrance into a much deeper state of consciousness where you are assisted in accessing past life or early childhood memories. Sessions are tailored to suit your goals at the time and can also address illness, anxiety, or fears and phobias with or without a past life experience. You are in charge of what memories you see, experience, and integrate.

Energy work or Reiki (currently a remote session)

60 min – $150

In this energy balancing treatment, our practitioners open themselves as a conduit for universal life force energy to be directed to your physical and emotional body through their hands and spirits. While you remain fully clothed and relaxed, we massage your energy field on a cellular level to clear blockages, support the health of your internal life force and regulate the flow of energy through the body. You’ll finish feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to face the world.

 60 min – $150

In this sound and energy healing session, instruments, song, and energy work are combined in a customized sound session to leave you renewed and refreshed. The sounds work to vibrate the cells of the physical body and move energetic or emotional energy from our mental and spiritual bodies. Guests typically experience a sense of connectedness and peace as the sacred sounds clear blockages and restore the free flow of vital energy throughout the body. You may also become aware of beautiful colors behind your eyes, along with symbols, images, and other-worldly impressions. Like many other offerings at SacredWaters, SacredSound can induce spontaneous meditative states and provides access to parts of ourselves that are usually closed, resulting in a sense of expanded awareness, higher consciousness, and connection.

Satir Session with Larry (currently a remote session)

60 min – $150

Larry’s unique and deeply connected sessions explore our deepest human needs through discussion and other modalities. Transformative exploration of your truest self facilitates your intimacy, communication and relationships with others.

Larry has been studying and facilitating communication in families and systems for over twenty years. He brings to each encounter his faith in the positive intention of every human being and his belief in honoring who we are now as a prerequisite to evolving our own unique style of creative expression.



SacredWater Blessing (currently a remote session)

 60 mins – $150

Across traditions, Water is held is as sacred and is invoked in rituals to cleanse and heal. It’s no coincidence that some of those rituals held most dear—christenings, baptisms, crossing-overs and the like—are linked throughout history to the resource of Water. The development of all life on this planet emerged from Water, and it is the primal source of Feminine Power.

In this private 45-minute session, Jen will lead you in a guided meditation and a discussion of relevant topics in your life, followed by the singing of songs and the offering of prayers, which are then infused into a personal formula of SacredWaters for you to bring home with you and use according to intuitive instructions provided. *Currently being mailed to you

Our collection of SacredWaters includes Water gathered from sacred sites around the world, including the Ganges, the Nile, and Icelandic glaciers, as well as fresh snows, garden rain, hurricane and tropical storm waters, and river and lake waters. The collection also includes Waters that have been prayed over for more than 24 hours and Waters that have been blessed by Elders from different traditions, including Amma, the Xuichol people, Jewish Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, and many others.

Private Meditation (currently a remote session)

30 min – $65
60 min – $150

Guided to a deeply meditative state that induces theta brain waves, these customized sessions can address any intention you’d like to set: meditations for health (commonly combined with other medical treatments, especially for cancer or other long term ailments), regressions to childhood memories, meditation techniques that address panic attacks or severe anxiety, and more. Sessions can also be instructional if you’d like to explore and learn about what meditation styles and techniques work best for you. 


Well-Being Check-In (currently a remote session)

45 min – $55

In this offering well-being + energy practitioner Cynthia Travieso will check-in with you around the main question of: How are you today? This session can be used to support any aspect of your life that you would like to explore and can increase your well-being in any of the following areas: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, health, and/or your relationships. Cynthia gracefully allows what is on your mind/ spirit to reveal an action plan to help you better cope with life and the many challenges we are facing. Sessions always include a mini distance energy healing session and can take place as a stand alone or recurring experience. 

Life Transition Services


The transition from Spirit to Human (birth) and Human to Spirit (death) are two of the most important doorways in our Universe. This changing of experiential circumstance is book-ended by the true Unknown. We support and honor the path of the one who is transitioning while also staying connected to the needs of those around them – parents, family, friends, and others present. These transitions are sacred opportunities to assist humanity in fulfilling its greater purpose, preparing each individual as best we can for the next phase of their cosmic journey.  The ‘shape’ that this support takes (what it looks like in practice) is decided on together and can include prayers, singing, drumming, creating sacred space, providing emotional support and groundedness, or other ideas that the family and/or individuals are interested in. 

Wedding Ceremony Services


Celebrating love is a sacred act and every expression of love is unique. Jen, an ordained Interfaith Minister, lovingly guides couples in crafting a spiritual wedding ceremony that embodies your authenticity, both as individuals and as a couple. She creates space for you to discover the rituals, words, and traditions that uniquely express your love and commitment while supporting growth as individuals for both of you. It is her intention to honor the deeper relationship you are stepping into, knowing that this affects your family, friends, community, and our world in a positive way.  All services include 2 hours of vow writing support with Jen and Larry.



Pet Reiki *Not currently available

30 min – $75

This energy treatment takes place as a mindfulness practice with your pet through meditation, which helps relax and promote healing on all levels for animals. This method honors the spiritual teacher and healer in all animals by allowing them to dictate whether they receive energy from a distance or lay themselves against the practitioners hands, in addition it makes them an active participant in their own healing journey. The energy offered is gentle, non-invasive, promotes overall wellness in your pet, and pairs well with other forms of healing- such as veterinary and holistic care.


45 min – $85
60 min – $125 (recommended)
90 min – $185

Receive Barbara’s gentle but authoritative touch that stimulates and balances your entire system through pressure on specific reflex points on your feet. These points directly correspond to all of the glands, organs and parts of the body (emotional and physical). Proper stimulation can bring the body into a state of balance and help alleviate many health problems in a natural, non-invasive way. Our treatment incorporates Reiki and works in conjunction with your own energy and central nervous system to support the entire body. This grounding and soothing practice may date back to as early as 2330 BC in ancient Egypt and similar practices were found in India and China.

Massage Therapy *Not currently available

60 min – $140
90 min – $175
120 min – $275

Swedish Massage
Swedish massage is the best known type of massage. A relaxing treatment, it reduces muscle tension, enhances circulation, eases muscle pain, improves sleep quality and boosts immune function.

Deep Tissue and Sports Massage
If you prefer more pressure or are physically active, you may prefer a Deep Tissue massage for relief from muscle pain.

Swedish massage can be slow and gentle, while Deep Tissue concentrates on specific muscle groups. By using deeper, more targeted muscle-specific pressure and stretching, the therapist affects muscle tissue to achieve therapeutic results.

Prenatal Massage
Relax, reduce stress and improve circulation of the tired muscles and joints of pregnancy. Pamper yourself… and your baby!

Gua Sha
Gua Sha uses a smooth-edged massage tool to improve circulation, decrease pain and minimize keloid scars. This ancient Chinese healing technique addresses issues like chronic pain and muscle tension. It stimulates microcirculation, which increases bloodflow and encourages new healing and detoxifying. Many people don’t feel the tool at all!

Cupping Therapy
Therapeutic Cupping can be added to any massage – add $25

Full-Body Cupping Treatment *Not currently available

120 min – $300

For those who want more than just one targeted area worked on, while enjoying a pampering, yet therapeutic experience.

Option 1: Detox and General Relaxation Treatment for the ultimate de-stressing and reinvigorating experience. Remember to drink extra water after this and all massage treatments.

Option 2: Full-body Massage with Targeted Muscle Group Cupping (choose 3-4 areas). For those who want to enhance and maximize their deep tissue results with cupping on specific areas.

Typical (Static) Cupping
Cupping Therapy can help with pain, tension, inflammation and stress. Effective in releasing stubborn knots, improving joint mobility, increasing blood circulation and lymphatic flow. Cupping marks that may appear are NOT bruises and fade over time (typically 3-14 days). The treatment isn’t painful and most people find it relaxing.

Sliding “Dynamic” Cupping
If cupping marks are a concern, the benefits of the treatment can still be enjoyed without the telltale “spots.”

Sliding, or dynamic cupping, produces no marks, which may be desirable for some, depending on whether they’re attending a special event or if they just don’t want the marks on their skin. Either way, it gives the same relaxing and muscle releasing effects as static cupping. Just let the therapist know what you prefer.